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Tuesday April 6, 2010

Edward Zhang 6D, fresh from his win at the recent Carolina Spring Go Tournament, took top honors at the NOVA

Ethan Hsiao, 35k; photo by Allan Abramson

Cherry Blossom tournament in Washington, DC last weekend. Over 40 players participated in the event, which was held amidst perfect weather and blooms at the annual DC Cherry Blossom festival in downtown Washington on Saturday, April 3. “Of special note was young Ethan Hsiao (photo), playing in his first tournament at 35 kyu,” reports TD Allan Abramson. “He went 3-1, and received a special trophy for his efforts. In celebration of the cherry blossoms, no tie-breakers were used for second place, so we had more winners than usual!” Abramson, who has directed local tournaments for two decades, announced his retirement from tournament direction on Saturday and was promptly punished by the go gods with his worst cold in decades, but reports that he’s recovering now.
Winners Report: First place: Edward Zhang 6D, 3-1; Stephen Tung 1k, 4-0; Kelsey Dyer 2k, 4-0; Kevin Chin 4k, 3-1; Raymond Yeh, 6k 3-1; Xiaoting Hu 7k, 3-1; Min Soo Kang 11k, 4-0; Gary Smith 12k, 3-1; and Melody Chao 24k, 4-0. Second place: Zhenying Gu 5D, and Keith Arnold 4D (tie); Justin Teng 3D; Gus Heck 2k, and Yukino Takehara 2k, and Ching-Sung Chin 3k (3-way tie); Jerry Chen 4k; Sam Zimmerman 5k, Bob Ehrlich 5k, and Mike Lash 6k (3-way tie); Joey Phoon 7k, and Gurujeet Khalsa 8k (tie); Alex Yen 9k; and Ethan Hsiao 35k.
photo by Allan Abramson

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