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Sunday April 18, 2010

Local hero Marek Kaminski 3d (r) swept the top section of the Poznan Open 5-0  in Poznan, Poland the weekend of April 10-11,  ahead of Mateusz Chojnicki 1d of Bydgoszcz and Artur Chmielewski 4k of Starogard.  “My toughest game was with Artur,” Marek told the E-Journal. ” I think he is not 4-kyu, but at least 1-dan!” He added that the tournament atmosphere “was very nice… until we heard the news of the tragic crash, in which we lost so many prominent Poles.”  Locals dominated the second section as well: Dariusz Bednarczyk (5-0), Mikolaj Olszanki (both 6k) and Marek Maksimczyk 4k of Lódz (both 3-2). Wojciech Slusarczyk 9k, Marcin Samson 14k (Srodkowa) and Tomasz Nawracala 11k all won four games in group 3 with nine players. Winner Kaminski, whose nickname is Kamyk, added his first video for the channel WOG-Honte with “Go Crazy” as theme song,  compiled from his gallery. Notice how his large white moyo turned into a won endgame. WOG is Wielkopolski Osrodek Go, the Greater Polish Centre of Go. Wielkopolski is a large province in Poland; Poznan is its capital.
– Peter Dijkema, European Correspondent for the E-Journal

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