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Monday May 17, 2010

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’:  With plans for next year’s Los Angeles Congress well underway, California will join Pennsylvania, Colorado and Washington as states that have held three Go Congresses.  Most of you knew that Washington (Seattle, Seattle, Tacoma) was the first.

GUESS WHO CAME TO DINNER:  This week I ask a very simple question, who did I have dinner with Friday night?  I suppose a few clues would be helpful.  He is an increasingly prolific go author, he acted as translator for several Ishi Press books, is a huge baseball fan, and ordered the German mixed grill with russett potatoes (not much of a clue, but it was delicious).  The first 4 letters of his last name rhyme with the next 4 letters of his last name.  With a hint like that, it cannot be multiple choice – CLICK HERE to send in your best guess.

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