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Sunday July 11, 2010

Jie Guo 4d won the 31st Kieler Go Tournament, played June 19-20 in Kiel, Germany. Bernd Lewerenz 2d came second and Hans Nelki 1k 3rd. In Freiburg, Leon Stauder 3d won the Freiburger Go Turnier. Tommy Schladitz 3d took 2nd and Michael Palant 5d was 3rd. Bruno Walaszewski 6k took top honors in the kyu players-only Bydgoszcz Tournament on June 19 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Ignacy Przech 15k came second and Maksym Walaszewski 8k third. In the 3-round Katowice Tournament on June 20, Radoslaw Jachym 4d was the winner in Katowice, Poland, followed by Bronislav Snidal 2d from the Czech Republic and Tomasz Slazok 2d of Poland. Sejichi Nemoto 6d won the June 19 Siberia-Hokkaido Cup in Novosibirsk, Russia. In the June 19-20 Turun Monni in Turku, Finland, Miika Nikula 4d was the winner, with Samuel Ritakallio 3d in second and Oiva Moisio 2d third. Jan Hora 6d notched a perfect score to win the Slovak Go Festival June 18-20 in Piestany, Slovakia. Radek Nechanicky 5d was second and Petr Cipra 3d third. All three are from the Czech Republic; the first Slovak was Pavol Lisy 4d in fourth.

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