American Go E-Journal


Friday July 30, 2010

Wolfram Research, makers of the renowned Mathematica technical and symbolic computing software, announced today that it’s donating ten student editions of Mathematica to be used as US Open prizes at the Colorado Springs U.S. Go Congress, which begins Saturday.  The current plan is to hold a drawing at the prize banquet from among the currently enrolled college students who won or placed in their division of the Open, though some may be used as prizes for other events.  “I am delighted that Wolfram, maker of about the coolest math software there is, has decided to back the US Open,” said AGA Board Member Andy Okun. “They have a proud record of supporting math competitions and other educational activities and it is nice to be in such company.” Mathematica, created originally by physicist and computer scientist Stephen Wolfram, is capable of a huge and complex array of numerical and symbolic calculations, but uses a coding method so general that the user can combine any of the existing methods together or create new ones.  It is widely used in science, industry, government, law, business and economics and its user base includes all of the Fortune 50.