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GO IN THE NEWS: Go Kinect, TechCrunching Go, Go Q&A, Augmented Reality Go, Zatoichi & The Two Blind Go Players

Sunday October 24, 2010

Go Kinect: A mini go board and stones appears in the very first scene of the October 19 TV ad launching Kinect for Xbox 360  (Paul Barchilon) TechCrunching Go: The major tech blog TechCrunch recently featured a website called Go vs Go in an article about RoR development; CLICK HERE to check it out. (Jonathan Tien) Go Q&A: A new Go Q&A stack exchange site is looking for critical mass to get started.  (Nicholas Roussos) Augmented Reality Go: An MIT conference featured two go systems similar to that reported on at the recent Digital Contents Expo 2010 in Tokyo (GO IN THE NEWS: Playing Lightly 10/14 EJ): Augmented Reality Go game version 2 for TEI’10 demo and ARGO: Go augmentation for beginner’s training support (Ramon Mercado) Zatoichi & The Two Blind Go Players: “Last night we were watching the pulp samurai flick, Zatoichi and the Festival of Fire (1970, directed by Kenji Misumi), and there was a short but amusing go scene towards the end between two blind contestants.” reports Mark Gilston