American Go E-Journal

Tron, Captured

Thursday December 23, 2010

The appearance of go in Tron: Legacy (GO SPOTTING: Tron: a Legacy of Go 12/20) has generated a lot of excitement and email from the go community. Several EJ readers sent in screencaps of the board position in the game (r). “It definitely looks like an actual amateur game, with 103 moves, black to play,” writes Linden Chiu, who notes that it doesn’t match any pro games in his database. “White seems to have an overwhelming lead in territory, especially with black’s top left group having only one eye. There’s some aji in the bottom left, and I think black’s corner group there can live in gote, but the moyo potential on the right is too thin. The black stone on the edge of the top right cornerĀ seems to have been moved a line, as I’m guessing it was originally an atari.” If anyone has insight into how the game wound up in the movie, let us know at