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AGA Launches Online Membership Database

Friday July 15, 2011

Checking, updating and renewing your membership in the American Go Association just got a whole lot easier. Each AGA member can now review their personal current membership info on the AGA’s membership page; just click on Join, renew, or update your information online. The first time members access the new online membership site they’ll just need to enter your email address and will then be able to set the password for secure access to their membership record. From then on, members will be able to view or update their membership info directly; “No more multiple emails about changed mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses!” says AGA President Allan Abramson. “And renewing is now a 1-click snap that results in instant renewal.” AGA members can also make sure they’re signed up for the correct AGA chapter, check their latest rating (including seeing when it was last updated), as well as see what their highest rating has been, how many tournaments they’ve played in, how many AGA-rated games they’ve played and the last tournament they played in. Members can also view their Player Card in the AGA Go Database, which has lots more cool stats on your tournament record and performance. “Thanks to Justin Kramer for all his hard work getting this great new system up and running,” said Abramson, “and to Sam Zimmerman and Steve Colburn for all their support.”

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