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Go Congress Joseki: Other Games

Tuesday July 26, 2011

Shocking as it seems, there are apparently a few games other than go that get played at the annual U.S. Go Congress which starts this Saturday in Santa Barbara, CA.
Soccer: Longtime Congress soccer organizer Terry Benson reports that there will be soccer “Every afternoon except the first Saturday and Wednesday” most likely at 4:15, at a site to be determined. “Come one, come all!” Benson urges.
Tennis: Chris Garlock and Lisa Schrag are also planning to organize tennis around the same time; watch for updates as details get nailed down this Saturday. Bring your racquets or rent them at the College.
Poker: No details have surfaced yet but it’s a sure bet that poker will be played at the Congress, most likely in the usual late-night sessions; email us at if you have details on this or any other such activities Congress-goers should be aware of.

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