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Joanne Missingham Stands up for Gender Equality in Go

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Go player Joanne Missingham 5P, who plays professionally in Taiwan as Hei Jiajia, is protesting against discrimination in the professional go world. Missingham has been photographed (right) carrying a fan with the words ‘protest gender discrimination’ inscribed on it in Chinese calligraphy. The catalyst for this was the recent Qiandeng Cup. The Taiwanese Go Association decided not to pay female go players the match fee of 2000 Yuan, while the men still received payment for their games. All four of the women involved withdrew from the competition in protest and Joanne can be seen in the photo taking the ‘protest fan’ to games a week later.

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– Jingning, based on her original article at Go Game Guru. Photo: Joanne Missingham 5P plays Ding Wei 9P.

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