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Your Move/Readers Write: More on NYC Go Revival

Monday January 9, 2012

While commending Boris Bernadsky “for his past and his current contribution to the go community in New York City (Go Renaissance in the Big Apple 12/26/2011 EJ),” Peter Armenia – Co-Director of both the 2006 and 2012 U.S. Go Congresses in Black Mountain, North Carolina — writes to mention another thriving new AGA chapter in New York City,  the Gotham Go Group, which meets Tuesdays from 7 -11p at the Hungarian Pastry Shop (1030 Amsterdam Ave between 110th and 111th). Armenia founded the Gotham club in October “and we have been getting 10-15 players a week. That is where I had the pleasure to meet Boris and we talked about doing tournaments. He was the one who put on the tourney at the Fat Cat, a great venue which deserves a write up all it’s own. Scott, another guy who came to our club, has started getting people to meet in Midtown Manhattan on Thursdays with my encouragement as well. As I am sure Boris would agree, you missed a mention of the real spark that has helped to revive go in NYC.”


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