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Go Photo: Cool Game

Sunday April 22, 2012

We came across this great photo posted 11/7/2011 on the V = I·R blog. Titled “Playing Go In Russia,” the blogger finds some appropriate ice floe references in James Davies’ Elementary Go Series, Volume 3: Tesuji: “A good player tries to read out [ahead] in his head before he puts the stones on the board. He looks before he leaps. Frequently he does not leap at all; many of the sequences his reading uncovers are stored away for future reference, and in the end never carried out. This is especially true in a professional game, where the two hundred or so moves played are only the visible part of an iceberg of implied threats and possibilities, most of which stays submerged.”
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5/7/2012 Update: “I could be mistaken, but the men in that photograph look like Igor Grishin (left) and Maksim Tikhomirov (right) from the Russian Go Federation,” writes Nikolas. “ Alexandre Dinerchtein sent me more photos of them” on the All About Go blog.

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