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Pair Go Gala at Seattle Go Center

Tuesday December 22, 2015

The Third Annual Pair Go Tournament at the Seattle Go Center on December 12 featured cake, raspberries, fancy punch, and friendly competition between 10 pairs of players.  Table one winners were Peter Nelson 5d and Lily Berger 17k, besting Brian Allen 9k and Deborah Niedermeyer 10k.  The same foursome played last year, but with opposite results.  Lily has gotten stronger since last year, according to the other three players.  A graduate student at UW, she said that she only started practicing a week before the tournament, by playing a 9×9 game every day with Peter, and then reviewing the game.  She is pleased with how much that helped.

The table two winners were Tzu Jen Chan 2d and Winnie Gu 22k, who also played last year,  while the table three winners were new players Carissa Thornock 25k and Julian Banbury 18k.  In the winner’s photo, going left to right, the players are Chan & Gu, Thornock & Banbury, Berger & Nelson.  Report by Brian Allen, photos by Huei-Ling Shiang

Jyoti at Pair GoPair Go Winners


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