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Go Spotting: BugCat-Capoo

Thursday March 31, 2016

I was looking at manga online when I happened across this comic strip style manga called BugCat-Capoo,” writes Taylor 2016.03.28_BugCat-CapooLitteral. “It’s a very interesting series and had this cute scene of BugCat ‘playing Go’ against his dog friend.” This particular sequence, or chapter, is titled “Go Experts” and portrays BugCat and the dog pretending to play a heated game of go to the befuddlement of their caretaker.┬áBugCat thinks of an impressive move only to realize that it was a mistake when his friend sabotages his plan. He gets mad and throws a tantrum, ruining the game, while his friend calmly watches.
– edited by Crystal Lin & Joel Sherman

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