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Deadline, Schedule Extended for Chinese Tournament with Tygem Prelim

Friday July 29, 2016

big_GThe playing dates and deadline for sign ups to China Qiyuan’s new 2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament, with online preliminaries for players outside of the major go countries to be held on Tygem, have been pushed back.  The prelims will now take place starting August 8, with sign-ups allowed until August 2. “The prizes and playing opportunities for the players who make it past the prelims make it well worth trying,” said AGA President Andy Okun, who noted that the new playing dates no longer overlap with the European and US go congresses. The deadline for registration is August 2, 12 p.m. Beijing time; details and the registration form can be found here.   The preliminaries will select 10 Chinese players, six Korean players and four from the rest of the world.  Although competition can be expected to be rough, players down to 18 kyu are welcome to register.  Winners of the online prelim will play face to face at the Xiamen Aqua Resort Hotel in Fujian from Sept. 14-19.

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