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4-Way Tie at MGA Fall Tourney

Monday October 10, 2016

Ming Li 5D, Dan Schmidt 3K, Graham Higgins 5K and Mark Nahabedian 12K, each with with three wins and one loss, tied 2016.10.09-Dan_Schmidt_vs_Shawn_Ligocki_Ed_Gillis_Graham_Higgins_Fred_Wardwell_Wanda_Mecalf_Mark_Nahabedian_for first place at the Massachusetts Go Association’s Fall Tournament on October 9, topping a field of 18. James Peters directed the Tournament.
- Eva Casey, Tournament Coordinator of the Massachusetts Go Association.
photo: Dan Schmidt vs Shawn Ligocki; Ed Gillis, Graham Higgins, Fred Wardwell, Wanda Mecalf and Mark Nahabedian; photo by Eva Casey
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