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Lockhart on Go in “Games World of Puzzles”

Monday December 12, 2016

“There is no losing in go,” says Ben Lockhart in the December edition of Games World of Puzzles magazine, now on 2016.12.11_Games World of Puzzles-lockhartnewsstands. Lockhart represents go in “Perspectives on Play in 2016,” in which Games “polled everyone from top-flight game players to serious scholars who ponder the role of play in our lives to bring you their perspective on the state of games and play in 2016.” The proverb, says Lockhart, “refers to the feeling that you play your best and any mistakes you made you now have the privilege of being able to think about and correct, thus improving.” Lockhart also surveys the current state of competitive go, including this year’s stunning win by AlphaGo over Lee Sedol.


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