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Go Spotting: Walter Mosley’s “Known to Evil”

Monday March 6, 2017

Fred Baldwin reports that “on p. 212 of one of Walter Mosley’s noir crime novels, Known to Evil  (2010) the detective Leonid2017.02.25_Walter Mosley’s Known to Evil McGill sums up the results of an online search. ‘Bug must have been serious about Zephyra because I received a long document from him, giving me all kinds of hitherto unrevealed information about Angie. She’d participated in a few long-distance runs of ten kilometers or more and worked for the Hillary campaign during the primaries. She played Go over the Internet and was pretty good at it, earning an emerald rating at a California club.’ I have no clue what an ’emerald rating’ in go means,” says Baldwin, “but, hey, it was in California.”

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