American Go E-Journal

Redmond’s Reviews, Episode 13: Redmond 9p v. Cho U 9p

Saturday January 19, 2019

Michael Redmond 9p, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock, takes a break from analyzing the AlphaGo self-played games2019.01.18_Redmond-ChoU2018-screengrab to review his own recent game against Cho U 9P. This game was played just a few days after Cho U became the Meijin and Redmond — who went into this game with a 2-2 record against Cho — says he can see 2019.01.18_Redmond-ChoU2018-screengrab2“how much studying with computer programs has changed Cho’s game.” Cho is “a very precise player,” Redmond says, which makes him very tough in the middle and endgame, but “even top professional players have a hard time assigning exact values to positions in the opening” and “the big change I saw in this game is that Cho seems much more confident in his opening, and knew exactly what the computer values were for the various positions in the opening.” Redmond also shares his own experiences with studying with a go AI.

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Video produced by Michael Wanek & Andrew Jackson.