American Go E-Journal

Chalmers repeats as Vermont joins online tourney move

Sunday October 25, 2020

“We had a very smooth and successful Stay Home Vermont Go Tournament this weekend,” reports Pete Schumer. “We began with a friendly Zoom get together Friday night, followed by Round 1 on KGS.  Then on Saturday, we played rounds 2, 3, 4 and then had a fun wrap-up gathering on Zoom as well.  There were 15 players mostly from Vermont, but also one from California, one from Japan, one from China, and one from Thailand.  Kudos to the players from East Asia who kept up their good spirits despite the sleep deprivation.” 

The tournament’s winner was Rich Chalmers (1D) who was the only player with a perfect 4-0 record. “In fact, this is a repeat performance for Rich who was already the current state champion,” says Schumer. Second place went to Jack Cary (3k) with a record of 3 -1. “Jack was also very busy helping to promote and set up the tournament and doing all the technical support throughout the weekend.  Very much appreciated!” Dan Deneen (2k) finished third on 3 -1, and fourth place went to Caleb Lesher (6k) who also had a 3 – 1 record. 

“We hope that more clubs will follow our lead, as well as that of the US Go Congress organizers, the Austin Go Club and a few others to continue to host additional tournaments on-line,” says Schumer. “It’s a great way to keep our wonderful community connected!”