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National Go Center to test online ratings at upcoming Fall Tournament

Saturday November 7, 2020

With the hiatus in over-the board tournament play due to Covid-19, there has been a lot of interest in online tournaments. The online US Open at this year’s e-Go Congress was hugely successful with hundreds of players participating from around the world. 

At its upcoming Fall Tournament on November 14, the National Go Center will test a new project to rate online tournaments. “We wanted to do something to make online tournaments more attractive while also advancing the state of the art for ratings,” said project coordinator Josh Lee. The project uses the Glicko2 algorithm, which is used by the OGS go server, and other sports.

Current AGA membership is required to play in the NGC tournament, and the online rating will be initialized from a player’s current AGA rating. Testing of the algorithm is being done with two earlier online tournaments from this year, with sample results posted here (Note that these are just a sample and the numbers are still changing as the calculations and parameters are being finalized).


Dont forget to register for the Pandanet AGA City League

Tuesday November 3, 2020

A couple more weeks remain to register for the Pandanet AGA City League Year 9. Read the rules for this team tournament. Register by November 15th to get your team in this year competition. Be a part of the strongest tournament in North America. Contact the TD with any questions.


Redmond AlphaGo game commentary live tonight at 7p EDT

Sunday November 1, 2020

Michael Redmond 9P returns with more live commentary, this time on AlphaGo vs AlphaGo Game 49, tonight at 7p EDT on the AGA’s Twitch channel. His review of the relatively peaceful Game 48 was released Friday night and the latest in the AlphaGo vs. The World series features AlphaGo Master vs. Meng Tailing 9P.