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EJ Mailbag: 2020, Part 2

Tuesday December 29, 2020

‘Quantum go machine’ plays ancient board game using entangled photons
A quantum-mechanical version of the ancient board game go has been demonstrated experimentally by physicists in China, according to a report in PhysicsWorld. “Using entangled photons, the researchers placed go pieces (called stones) in quantum superpositions to vastly increase the complexity of the game. They foresee the technology serving as the ultimate test for machine players that use ever more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI).” (Robert Cordingley)

Mitchell’s Utopia Avenue
In David Mitchell’s new book Utopia Avenue, the character in his current novel set in the 1960’s England is “remembering” a scene from the novel The Thousand Autumns of Jacob van de Zoet, a novel that takes place in 18th century Japan, reports Ken Parel-Sewell. “It’s a huge spoiler and very complicated to explain why this happens. David Mitchell’s books are fascinating alone, and even more fascinating when you read them all.”

The History of Home
In episode two of The History of Home, narrated by master woodworker Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), go is seen at 48:27 in a transition between explaining the historical importance of board games and the modern pastime of playing video games, reports Tyler Keithley, President of the Southwest Missouri Go Club. “Go is then mentioned by Twitch streamer Sonja Reid ‘OMGITSFIREFOXX’ at around 50 minutes and 30 seconds into the show.”

A more-or-less random selection of go-related stuff that somehow we just never got around to publishing this year, but that we don’t want to forget, file or delete. Thanks to everyone who sent us tips and suggestions this year; keep ’em coming to!

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