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2021 Virginia Open: Winners Report

Friday October 7, 2022

Five Capital Go Club members at the 2022 Go Congress (l-r: Edward Zhang, Xiaodi Huang, Della Tang, head coach Michael Zhou, and Al Tang)

In October last year, nearly 50 AGA players competed online in the 10th Virginia Open via BadukClub‘s tournament platform.

Yi Li 7D (5W-1L), an undergraduate at Duke University and 2021 North Carolina champion, overcame a 3rd-round loss to take 1st place over Zhengbokang Tang 8D (5W-1L) from Colorado by a narrow SOS margin. James Chih-Rong Sun 6D from Canada won the Youth 1st-Place award, and Stephanie Tan 1D from Indiana was the women’s champion.

“Even with the expected errors and no-shows, our TDs worked overtime to maximize the number of games played and perfect the pairings,” stated Co-TD Devin Fraze. “Players seem delighted. With a total of 0 players struggling with technical details and with all games starting automatically. The BadukClub in-page chat helped a few players befriend another and was flooded at the end with many thanks.”

Qingbo Zhang was the co-TD and distributed prizes and certificates. The total prize pool was $560 with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the Open Elite division receiving $200, $100, and $50 respectively.

Full winners report:

Division, Prizes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd (and/or 4th) 

Open Elite (6-8D) $200/100/50 :Yi Li, Zhengbokang Tang, Chen Zhang, Jimmy Creeks (Jing Guo) 
Open (4-5D): Qingbo Zhang, Juanshu Lan, Mani Sanford
Youth 1D+  James Sun, Juanshu Lan, Al Tang 
Youth 1-9K Derek Zhou, Massa Jin, Kai Lan 
Youth 10-20K Chenchen Xiong, Kyle Tang, Lucia Moscola 
Women’s Stephanie Tan, Angel Zhou, Della Tang, Anna Zhou, (5th Serena Tu, 6th Lucia Moscola, 7th Melody Liu)
Expert (1-3D) Al Tang, Stephanie Tan, Evan Tan 
Proficient (1-4K) Derek Hounong Zhou, Massa Jin, Tai-An Cha 
Intermediate (5-9K) Jim Sandy, Justin Collier, Della Tang
Novice (10-20K)  Chenchen Xiong, Kyle Tang, Steven A Zilber

The Capital Go Club also plans to host an in-person tournament in Fairfax Virginia on 11/27/2022, which may feature a hybrid tourney with the California State Championship over the same weekend.

Report by the Capital Go Club