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AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo; Game 20: A new move and an old joseki

Sunday July 8, 2018

AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo Game 20 starts off with an “AlphaGo move,” one of the moves the AI originated that has since become 2018.07.07_AG-selfplay-20popular among human players. That’s followed by a joseki that’s been around for hundreds of years, giving Michael Redmond 9P “a chance to compare it with play by the great masters from the Golden Age of go” in his latest AlphaGo video commentary, hosted by the AGA E-Journal’s Chris Garlock. Things are fairly peaceful until the middle game, “when things get a bit confusing,” Redmond says, “and it gets exciting at the end.” Plus, this game is a very rare example of the result being different depending on which rule-set you use.



Pandanet Cup registration ending soon

Saturday July 7, 2018

The 23rd Pandanet Cup, a long-standing internet world amateur go tournament, will continue to accept registration (free) until July 17.  Players are divided into five bands, depending on their strengths.  In the preliminary round of the tournament, players play self-paired games with others in the same band from anywhere in the world.  For advancement onto the second stage, players’ scores are compared with only those in the same band and in the same geographic region: Asia and Oceania, Americas, or Europe and Africa.  The scoring is based on the number of wins and the winning percentage.  In the second stage, regional winners play others in the same band in a knock-out tournament until a band champion is produced.  Generous prizes are provided to all winners.

Free registration is ongoing and ends on July 17.  For details, click here.

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Timothy Bell tops Davis-Sac Summer tourney

Saturday July 7, 2018

On June 30, the Davis/Sacramento Go Club held its Summer Tournament at the Arcade Library in Sacramento. There was a field2018.07.07_Davis-Sac tournament photo of thirteen players from 3 dan to 26 kyu. Nine players were from the SF Bay area. Timothy Bell, 1d, won the upper division with a 4-0 record. Roger Schrag, 4k, won the lower division with a 3-1 record.


Applications now being accepted for second INAF-NK Go Teachers’ Workshop

Saturday July 7, 2018

The Iwamoto North American Foundation (INAF) and the Nihon Kiin (NK) has announced that the Second Go Teachers’ Workshop will be held in Tokyo from October 29 through November 4 this year.  The workshop is conducted in English and is intended for people with interest in facilitating the implementation of go teaching into school or university curriculum.  The sponsors will cover all of the workshop and living expenses for the attendees, plus a $1,000 international travel subsidy.  Content of the weeklong workshop includes training sessions on go instruction and organization; visits to Japanese educational institutions that have go established in the curriculum; lectures on Japanese go history and culture; group discussions on implementing go education; and pro teaching games.  Click here for the application form and the detailed schedule.  US, Canadian, Mexican, and Cuban applicants should apply directly to Mr. T. Urasoe  Please cc all correspondences to
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Congress 2018 Preparation: Get Listed!

Sunday July 1, 2018

At the 2018 US Go Congress coming up later this month in Williamsburg, Virginia there are new social features to help attendees2018.07.01-appSchumer get to know one another and to share their Congress experiences. These are built into the free Congress mobile app for iOS and Android devices. One feature is an ‘Attendees’ page where everyone coming can have a short biography and a picture published.

To get listed just send an email to Gurujeet Khalsa — — with a few paragraphs about what you’d like to share about yourself with fellow Congress-goers. Attach a recent picture to the email as well. Take a look at other listings for inspiration by seeing what they have shared. If writing (especially in English) isn’t your strong suit, Congress staff will be happy to edit your posting for grammar and spelling. Your listing can be in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean as well if you send it that way. You can optionally add other Social information including: City, State, Country, Facebook page, personal website, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, or email.

Congress starts on July 21, so if you have still not registered you should do so now here.


Zhou family cleans up at Santa Monica tourney

Sunday July 1, 2018

With a small field of 26, this year’s Santa Monica Coffee Cup on June 23 was topped by Yixian Zhou 6d (left, with TD Andy Okun), a long time Southern 2018.07.01_coffee-cup-Anna and Andy-IMG_60702018.07.01_coffee-cup-xixian-IMG_6066California player and organizer.  At the other end of the field, the so-called “Decaf Division,” Yixian’s children, Anna and Andy (at right), each around 30k, came in joint first.  Other winners of the fabled hand painted and lettered mugs, this year colored in a stately “sangue de boeuf,” were Shangze Bi in the low dan section, Les Lanphear and Sangho Wang in the strong kyu section, and Marc Sarrel in the mid-kyu section.  Organizer Andy Okun promised to announce next year’s Coffee Cup much earlier.


AGA City League Finals and Winners

Thursday June 28, 2018

2017.10.03_PANDANETThe Pandanet AGA City League finished its regular season play recently. Each team fought tough opponents this season. This season saw eight professionals play this year, four of them being AGA Professionals. The finals for the A League will be played in three weeks at the US Go Congress. The College of William & Mary will host Greater Washington vs New York City on Saturday July 21st at 3PM. The games will be broadcast in the AGA City League Room LIVE.

The winners of the league are:
A League:
Third: Canwa Vancouver 1
Fourth: New Jersey
Fifth: Edmonton
B League:
Winner: Ottawa
Second: Toronto 1
Third: Toronto 2
Fourth: Canwa Vancouver 3
C League:
Winner: Boston 3
Second: N Corvallis

Congratulations to all of the teams that played this year.


Save $50, register for U.S. Go Congress before July 1

Tuesday June 26, 2018

If you’re thinking about attending this year’s U.S. Go Congress, register before this Sunday and save $50. The registration late fee2018.06.27_williamsburg increases $50 on Sunday, July 1st. The biggest U.S. go event of the year includes the U.S. Open, a six-day tournament of epic proportions, the U.S. Masters, where top players compete for $12,000 in prizes, lectures, game reviews, and simuls from American and Asian professionals, youth activities and tournaments including the Redmond Cup, a host of tournaments including the U.S. Women’s tournament, Seniors (55+), 9×9, 13×13, Die Hard, and more!

Plus: great evening activities including Crazy Go and Pair Go, teachers workshops, the first-ever Congress workshop to train Tournament Directors, all in a gorgeous location on the campus of America’s second-oldest institute of higher learning, next to Colonial Williamsburg, one of the most-visited tourist destinations on the East Coast.  “Make memories that will last the rest of your life!” say Congress organizers Nate Eagle and Diego Pierrottet.


Peter Gao tops Evanston Go Club’s Summer Solstice tournament

Tuesday June 26, 2018

The Evanston Go Club’s Summer Solstice tournament on Saturday drew 21 players ranging from 25 kyu to 4 dan. For some, this 2018.06.27 Evanston Go Club’s Summer Solstice tournamentwas their first tournament ever; others have been coming to the Evanston tournaments for up to 14 years. “We run our tournaments self-paired, so players can play as many games as they want.” said tournament director Mark Rubenstein. “Chase Grange 11k and Thomas Gehrt 6k each played 8 games; that’s a lot of games to play in one day!” Prizes were supplied by Yellow Mountain, and awarded to 6 players; first and second place in each of three bands: dan, single digit kyu, and double digit kyu.”Chase Grange won the double digit kyu band, but unfortunately he had to leave before the prizes were awarded; so Mike O’Day and Mary Skolnik took home the prizes in that band.” said Rubenstein. As is the custom, pizza at Giordano’s capped off the day.
#1 Dan: Peter Gao 4d: 4-0
#2 Dan: Daniel Dowell 3d: 3-2
#1 SDK: Satoru Inoue 1k: 3-1
#2 SDK: Laura Moon 2k: 4-2
#1 DDK: Chase Grange 11k: 6-2
#1 DDK: Mike O’Day 15k: 5-2
#2 DDK: Mary Skolnik 19k: 4-2

New York Institute of Go Wins 2018 School Team Tournament

Monday June 25, 2018

STT_graphicThe New York Institute of Go took top honors in the 2018 American Go Honor Society (AGHS) School Team Tournament, which took place on KGS over the weekends of May 19 and May 26. The winning team consisted of Sophie Lin 2k, Patrick Zhao 3k, and Marcos Yang 3k. Second and third place went to Northwest Chinese School Team 1 and Team 2. In Division II, Northwood High School took first place with an impressive undefeated record, CNY Chinese School took second, and Northwest Chinese School Team 3 took third.​ ​This year, around 50 students participated in the annual youth team tournament, with prizes including trophies, plaques, and t-shirts. Jeremy Chiu, AGHS Tournament Director, says, “This tournament drew teams from all kinds of educational institutions from all parts of the country. Players of all skill levels competed in the competitive yet friendly environment, giving viewers fierce and exciting games.” -Lionel Zhang

Winner’s Report: Division I: 1st: New York Institute of Go Team 1, 2nd: Northwest Chinese School Team 1, 3rd: Northwest Chinese School Team 2; Division II: 1st: Northwood High School, 2nd: CNY Chinese School, 3rd: Northwest Chinese School Team 3.