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Your Move: Cute Board?

Monday October 31, 2011

“I just saw this 9×9 set shown in SPIEl 2011, Europe’s largest board game conference,” writes Ramon A. Mercado. “I was wondering if someone in the AGA would know where a set like this may be found in the U.S. This set would look great in the living room coffee table, or even in a desk at work. Imagine what a nice conversational item.”
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YOUR MOVE: Congress Ratings?

Tuesday August 23, 2011

“When will the ratings be updated?” wonders Andreas. “Looks like the first two rounds of the main Congress tournament are in there, but nothing after Wednesday, none of the Self-Paired.”
In general, tournaments are rated within a week of our receiving the tournament results report from the tournament director.  From time to time there are delays as we have to clarify some of the results with the tournament directors…its very easy to transpose a number in a players AGA ID, for instance.  Please rest assured that we will rate the tournaments as quickly as possible.
– Jonathan M Bresler, AGA Ratings Coordinator
photo: at the 2011 U.S. Open in Santa Barbara, CA; photo by Chris Garlock


Your Move/Readers Write: Schumer Enjoys U.S. Go Congress in Shanghai

Sunday August 14, 2011

”I’m writing to thank you and the E-Journal gang for your great coverage of the U.S. Go Congress,” writes Vermont go organizer Pete Schumer. “This summer I’m in Shanghai teaching a bunch of math classes at East China Normal University and I really miss the Congress.  But it was fun to check in each day to see what I’m missing.  It makes me long for next year’s Congress already!  In fact, I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to check out the local go scene yet. Just for fun, in case you need an extra go picture sometime, I’m enclosing a nice go scene from a Qing Dynasty vase (actually it’s a famille-rose lantern-shaped zun or ceramic wine vessel from the Yangshang period 1723 – 1736) This piece is on display at the I.M. Pei designed Suzhou Museum in Suzhou, China.  By the way, Suzhou is about an hour’s drive from Shanghai and has some of the most beautiful Chinese gardens anywhere in the world.  Thanks again for the great Congress coverage.”


YOUR MOVE – Readers Write: Kaz Opens Eyes

Monday August 1, 2011

“Today’s ‘Lesson with Kaz’ (Lessons with Kaz: Tesujis 7/27 Member’s Edition) was just perfect for me,” writes EJ reader Grant Kerr.  Struggling to get off the 4k plateau, it opened my eyes to how I should be changing the way I think.  Thanks, Kaz, eJournal, and AGA!” Open your eyes to new ways of thinking about go; sign up for the Member’s Edition EJ today!


Your Move: Comments on the 2010 American Go Yearbook

Sunday July 31, 2011

Enjoying the Yearbook: “Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy the PDF of the 2010 Yearbook,” writes Dan Bensky. “Keep up the good work!” Join the AGA and get the brand-new 123-page 2010 American Go Yearbook full-color PDF!

Another Go Tools: “I have not seen the Yearbook but I am sure it will be as great as the youth section I saw earlier,” writes Thomas Wolf. “Just a comment about the use of the words ‘Go Tools section.’ The well-known GoTools tsume-go solving program has been around for many years. A bit of a name clash, but not important; just thought I’d mention it.”


YOUR MOVE: Readers Write: More on Have Gun, Will Travel

Sunday May 8, 2011

More on Have Gun, Will Travel: “The screen shot from “Have Gun Will Travel” looks to me to be 5-in-a-row and not go,” wrote Richard Dolen, among others responding to our May 2 “GO SPOTTING: Have Gun (and a go board) – Will Travel” post. “Even though the word “seki” is mentioned in the dialogue; here it probably means that nobody won, but they used a word from go to describe it.” And Jeffry Finer notes that “The Have Gun Will Travel episode was #186, not 171 (episode 30 of season 5). It aired in 1962.”


YOUR MOVE: Kindle Go? No Go All at Once

Monday March 28, 2011

KINDLE GO? “Any plans for a game of go version for Kindle?” wonders Dave Gagne.  “I have chess on my Kindle, but would really like to get a game of go.  Have you heard anything?” Though there have definitely been go books published for the Kindle we haven’t yet heard of go playing software for the popular e-reader; email us at if you have.

NO GO ALL AT ONCE: “Is there a way to download the Members Game Collections all at once or by month/quarter rather than one by one,” asks Larry. Sorry, Larry, but the game files must be downloaded one at a time from the annual collections of Member’s Edition material.


YOUR MOVE: Keith Arnold Remembers Yoshi

Sunday March 6, 2011

I like to think I am careful in my judgments, and, therefore, rarely wrong – at least away from the go board. But one of my greatest misjudgments was Yoshi Sawada.

When I ran the US Go Congress in 2001, I was vigilant in keeping costs down and trying to pass those savings on to my guests. I was particularly frugal with comps – fighting the AGA to limit them, and even charging myself for room and board. And so when the powers that be insisted that Yoshi Sawada be comped, I balked. I mean, he was just a translator, and I had several Japanese speaking people on my team; I disagreed strongly with the expense.

Fortunately, this was a battle I lost. By the end of the Congress, I came to realize that Yoshi was so much more than a Japanese translator, he was a tireless worker who spent every waking hour (and I am not quite sure there were any sleeping hours) making sure my Congress was the best that he could make it.

What made him so special? Any of us who attended his lectures know. Note I said his lectures. To call them Nakayama’s, or Maeda’s or Takemiya’s is really unfair. It was the Yoshi Show, and I wish I could watch them in reruns forever.

Quite frankly, I am not sure how strong a go player he was. He was always reaching out to strong players in the room to make sure he was getting things right. I would even jokingly say I am not sure how strong his Japanese was – because clearly the length and breadth of what he said bore little resemblance to the amount of words that seemed to come out of the pro’s mouth – when Yoshi gave them a chance to speak.

No, I would say that Yoshi did not speak go, he did not speak Japanese. Yoshi spoke Pro.

He knew what a pro wanted to say, even if he did not say it. He knew how to take the most reserved pro, and bring him out of himself and make everything so entertaining and accessible – not just to the strong, not just to the weak, but to everyone, spouses and non-players included.

And he took care of them, made sure they were happy and entertained. If a pro had an issue with the way things were being done, we would never know if it were not for Yoshi. He knew, and he let us know. He lived his life like he played poker – he always made sure there was action.

The Congress gets harder every year for many of us, whose eyes glaze over new faces, looking for the old friends who will never return. In 2005, we lost the future in Greg Lefler. In 2009 we lost so much promise in Jin Chen and Landon Brownell. Last year we lost the personification of the soul of the Congress in Nakayama.

And now we have lost the laughter.

winter’s last cruel chill
shadows a most joyous light
august’s laughter dies

– Keith Arnold; this post originally appeared on Life in 19×19; photos by John Pinkerton


YOUR MOVE: READERS WRITE: Accessing Member’s Content I & II

Thursday November 4, 2010

ACCESSING MEMBER’S CONTENT (I): “I became an AGA member yesterday online,” writes Benoît Cordoba. “I think the notice said that I would receive membership credentials in the mail but I was also under the impression that I could browse existing magazine issues online, presumably with a logon credential.  Is there such a logon credential for members.  I am especially interested in reading the article by Michael Redmond that was advertised on the site.” Thanks for your query and thanks also for becoming a member of the American Go Association. We’re currently compiling all our 2010 member content so that it can be easily accessed by our members; currently each week’s material must be separately accessed. The compilation — including the Redmond commentaries — is due to be published soon; we appreciate your patience.
ACCESSING MEMBER’S CONTENT (II) “How do you download the Special Editions?” writes an AGA member. The Yearbook Special Editions are PDFs, so you need to click on the link provided and then when the PDF opens on your computer, you can review it and then save it on your computer for later use.


YOUR MOVE/Readers Write: The Return of the Elegant Hedgehog

Sunday October 24, 2010

The Return of the Elegant Hedgehog: “I suppose that by now, everyone knows that in the recent best selling book The Elegance of the Hedgehog there is a mention of the game go as well as Hikaru No Go and The Girl Who Played Go,” writes None Redmond.
Though we did report this previously (GO SPOTTING: The Elegance of the Hedgehog 5/4/2010), it’s worth noting again. The mention is on pages 112-114 of Muriel Barberry’s captivating, lovely and philosophical novel, and includes this passage: “Any game where the goal is to build territory has to be beautiful. There may be phases of combat, but they are only the means to an end, to allow your territory to survive. One of the most extraordinary aspects of the game of go is that it has been proven that in order to win, you must live, but you must also allow the other player to live. Players who are too greedy will lose; it’s a subtle game of equilibrium, where you have to get ahead without crushing the other player. In the end, life and death are only the consequences of how well or poorly you’ve made your construction. This is what one of Taniguchi’s characters says: you live, you die, these are consequences. It’s a proverb for playing go, and for life.”