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Karlsruhe Wins German Team Leagues; Eckloff Tops Bochum Blitz

Sunday May 9, 2010

Title defender Karlsruhe won the top division of 2009-2010 season of the Bundesliga — or German Team Leagues — last Thursday, May 6, ahead of Hebsacker of Hamburg and the Leipzig Lions. Kieloben of Kiel and Berlin Blunder dropped back to the second League, which was won by Hannover, while Tenuki Bonn was second in the final table. The Bundesliga numbers six divisions – 4th league is double, while the 5th counts 26 teams – for a total of 76 teams over-all. The top leagues have ten teams each. A team plays on four boards, but line-ups can be longer. Dominated by several strong Chinese players, Karlsruhe seems unbeatable for the German title, yielding the Championship only once to Hebsacker. Click here for the final tables.

In Bochum, Ralph Eckloff 4d lost just one of his eight games at the Spring Blitz last Saturday, May 8, in a field of 17. Jens Behrendt 1k, winner of the Winter Blitz,  came in second. Both are from Cologne.  Alexandr Dinerchtein was co-sponsor of the event with a free Go4Go membership  for the winners. The next Blitz in Bochum is this summer on August 7. Click here for full results.
– Peter Dijkema, reporting from posts