Most Rated Games (Past 12 Months)

  1. David Baran (47)
  2. Qingbo Zhang (47)
  3. Frank Brown (44)
  4. Derek Hounong Zhou (40)
  5. John Christensen (39)
  6. Steven F. Burrall (38)
  7. Peter Schumer (37)
  8. Justin Teng (36)
  9. Frederick Bao (35)
  10. Stephanie Tan (35)

Most Tournaments (Past 12 Months)

  1. Frank Brown (14)
  2. David Baran (11)
  3. Qingbo Zhang (11)
  4. Steven F. Burrall (10)
  5. George Schmitten (10)
  6. Elizabeth H. Small (9)
  7. Peter Schumer (9)
  8. Derek Hounong Zhou (9)
  9. John Christensen (9)
  10. Eric Osman (8)
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The AGA Rating System, unlike some other systems, does not merely tally results and award or remove fixed numbers of points from the player's total. Based on advanced statistical procedures, it looks at results of many events simultaneously, using the results to figure out how likely each player was to defeat the other. Players are ranked and ordered according to these calculations.

The AGA rates serious games, mainly from face-to-face tournament and club play. The basic qualifications for rated games are probably easier to meet than you might think,and the AGA encourages you to submit your game results. Learn how to submit game results to the rating system.

You can find an individual rating or get a list of ratings satisfying your selection criteria by clicking the button below.

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