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June 26, 2006
Volume 7, #53


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ATTACHED FILE(S): 2006.06.26 Yoda-Yamashita, NEC Cup.sgf

NAMT B-LEAGUE DOWN TO FINAL 4: The field at this year's North American Masters Tournament (NAMT) narrowed further last Saturday, leaving four players to move onto this Saturday's round. In the 2nd round of the NAMT B league -- held on KGS -- Eric Lui defeated Sorin Gherman, Yuan Zhou beat Wei Chen, and Jung Hoon Lee defeated Seung Hyun Hong KORAM. These three will be joined by Zhaonian Chen who had a bye. The next round takes place this Saturday at 4P EST; the finalists will go on to play the A League players, reports Jon Boley. Games are available on KGS (see HOW TO ACCESS NAMT GAMES ON KGS below).

SCHUMER VICTORIOUS IN UPPER VALLEY TOURNAMENT: Peter Schumer 2k took top honors in the June 24 Upper Valley Go Club Handicap Tournament. Sponsored by the Upper Valley Go Club in Hanover, NH, the tourney drew 12 players. "It was a small but hotly contested tournament," reports organizer and TD Jing Wei Lim, "with four players winning 3 out of 4 games." Lim adds that special mention should go to three new members of the AGA, Mi Shi 9k, Henry Danaher 11k and Kyle Wesson 20k, who all performed well in their first go tournament ever. Winner Report: 1st Place: SCHUMER, Peter 2k; 2nd Place: ROBBINS, Charles G 4d; 3rd Place: HENZEL, H Alexander 5k.

CHINESE PROS COMING TO CONGRESS: Gu Li, the winner of the LG Cup last year has been confirmed as a visiting pro at this year's US Go Congress in Black Mountain NC, which now has over 350 players registered, well on track to best last year's record 480 turnout. The Chinese Go Association is sending a total of four representatives, including Team Leader Yang Yi 5P, the president of Chong Qing Qi-Yuan, and pros Li Xing, Duan Rong and Gu Li. This brings the total number of pros to 11 this far: check out profiles online at and find out more about the August 12-20 Go Congress at

EAST COAST CAMP DEADLINE SATURDAY: Kids! Is your East Coast Go Camp application in the mail? The deadline is July 1 and you won't want to miss this great chance to use the summer to polish your go game! Visit for the application.

LEE CHANGHO AND PARK JUNGSANG IN "KING OF KINGS" FINALS: Lee Changho 9P defeated his teacher Cho Hunhyun 9P in the "King of Kings" semifinals by 9.5 points to reach the finals against Park Jungsang 6P in the 3rd Electron-Land Cup in Korea. Park, who defeated Rui Naiwei 9P in the third round, beat Choi Kyubyeong 9P in the semifinals. The best-of-three finals starts today. This tournament is also known as the King of Kings. It's a fast play contest: ten minutes basic time and three periods of forty seconds for byoyomi. Lee Changho won last year.

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS UNDERWAY IN JAPAN: The NEC Cup, which includes the holders of the top seven Japanese titles and other top players for a true battle of champions, has nearly completed the first round. O Meien 9P defeated last year's winner Cho Sonjin 9P by a mere half point with Black, while Kobayashi Satoru 9P beat O Rissei 9P by resignation. Cho Chikun 9P continued his recent winning ways by defeating Mimura Tomoyasu 9p, and Kono Rin 9P and current Tengen beat Ogata Masaki 9P. Yamashita Keigo 9P, current Kisei, defeated current Gosei Yoda Norimoto 9P, and Hane Naoki 9P beat Yamada Kimio 9P. Matches involving the current Meijin Cho U 9P and the current Honinbo Takao Shinji 9P are yet to come. The game between Yamashita and Yoda was unusual in that three of the first moves were on 3-5 points and the fourth was on the 4-5 point. We have attached an SGF file of the game record for your enjoyment.

MACFADYEN AND BEI GE TO VIE FOR BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP: Matthew Macfadyen 6d and Bei Ge 4d will play for the 2006 British Championship. Macfadyen was the British Champion in 2005 (his 21st time to hold this title), but under new rules, the previous champion must win the right to play in the next championship match by coming in first or second in the Challenger's League. This year's League included eight players. Macfadyen was first, winning all seven games. Bei Ge was second, losing only to Macfadyen. Matthew. Cocke 5d was third, losing only to the first two, and Alex Rix 4d was fourth, losing to the first three. Desmond Cann 5d, Francis Roads 4d, Alistair Wall 4d, and Paul Christie 2d continued the pattern to make up the rest of the field.

PRIZES FOR SPOTTING BROKEN LINKS: Last the AGA's website switched over to a new, more robust Linux-based server. While we expect the new site will be much more useful (see the new Calendar at for an example), we need your help finding any problems created by the switch (broken links, etc). Send us your reports now at Everyone who submits will be eligible for a random drawing of cool go prizes from our vendors!

YOUR MOVE: Readers Write

HOW TO ACCESS NAMT GAMES ON KGS: "In issue #51 you said the game records for NAMT are available on KGS," writes Frank Monks. "How do I access them?" To view NAMT games on KGS using the CGoban2, under "User", click on "View User's Information", in the resulting box, type the KGS handle for the player whose game you're looking for (in parentheses below); then click on the "games" tab and select the appropriate game from the list, right click on the game, select "load in" and the game will come up. Saturday's games: Eric Lui THEONE d. Sorin Gherman SORIN, Yuan Zhou YZHOU d. Wei Chen WABBIT, and Jung Hoon Lee JHLEE d. Seung Hyun Hong KORAM.

LOOKING FOR AN ING CLOCK: "Where can I get a Ing clock?" wonders John Hwang from San Jose. As far as we know, Ing clocks are not commercially available (anyone with more info can email us at Chronos is a popular make of game timer, and any good chess website or shop will have both digital and analog game timers.

GO WIKIPEDIA: "Wikipedia has an ongoing initiative to create textbooks," writes Mark Penner. "There is one on Go as well, but it is small and poorly written (chess on the other hand has won several awards already, grr...). It would be wonderful if I had some help cleaning it up. The book can be accessed at and can be added to or edited by anyone from any internet connection."

GO IN HOLLAND: "I will be in Holland for three weeks in July and am looking for information that will help me find go players there to meet and play with during my stay," writes Scott Weaver, "Do you have any helpful information?" Check out the European Go Center's website at PLUS, pages 46-47 in the 2006 American Go Yearbook (available online at offer a comprehensive run-down of the various go clubs and coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

GO SOFTWARE? "I have just joined the AGA and I gather the game files are in sgf format," writes Tom Shapiro. "Where can I get the software to run sgf files?" Go software is available on the AGA's website at


July 2, 2006: Seattle, WA
Ratings Tournament
Jon Boley 206.545.1424

July 8, 2006: Chicago, IL
'Baduk on the Beach' Handicap Tourny
Jason Allen 773.227.1629

July 15, 2006: Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo's 5th tournament
Benjamin Schooley 269.672.7466

July 16, 2006: Somerville, MA
MGA Summer Handicap Tournament
Zack Grossbart 617.497.1232

July 22, 2006: Arlington, VA
Congress Tune-Up
Allan Abramson 703.684.7676

July 29-30, 2006: San Francisco, CA
Northern California Goe Tournament
Ernest Brown 415.641.6255

July 29, 2006: San Antonio, TX
San Antonio Go Club Summer Tournament
Levi Self 210.367.9759

August 12-20, 2006: Black Mountain, NC
The 22nd US Go Congress
Paul Celmer 919.779.7925

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