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October 2, 2006
Volume 7, #84

ATTACHED FILES: 2006.09.29 Guo-Peng, World Oza, Dinerchtein.sgf; 2006.09.29 5-6 kyus, US Open, Yang.sgf

REDMOND WINS IN TENGEN PRELIM: Michael Redmond 9P, the Californian who is a member of the Nihon Kiin, won his first game in the final preliminary tournament of the Japanese Tengen, defeating Kataoka Satoshi 9P. Last year Redmond won his way into the main tournament in the Tengen, although he lost in the first round to Cho U 9P.

LU WANG 8D TO TAKE ON JAPANESE PRO: Lu Wang 8d has been selected as this year's player in a match against Izumi Kobayashi 6P. The semi-annual event, sponsored by the Nihon Kiin, will be held online in mid to late October. Kobayashi grew up in a family of accomplished go players; her father is Koichi Kobayashi, her mother was the late Reiko Kobayashi, a great women's professional who was the daughter of the great player and teacher Minoru Kitani and Kobayashi is married to Cho U, one of the top players in Japan. She became a professional go player in 1995, and was promoted to 6 dan, in 2004. Lu Wang, of Atlanta, Georgia, originally an amateur 5d from China, studied from age 7 to 12, when he stopped "due to school pressures." He picked up the game again when he began attending college in the US in 2002 and has been in the top six players in the US Open three straight years (2003-2005), winning second place in 200 4 and taking 4th in this year's Toyota Denso NY.

US YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP KICKS OFF: First announced at the US Go Congress in August, the first annual US Youth Championship (USYG) is now officially underway. The program involves qualifier events at eight different cities around the country from January through April 2007. Winners in each age division will play in person at the US Youth Championship finals for the chance to represent the USA at the World Youth GO Championship in the fall of 2007. Details on the program will be posted online soon at Venues for some of the qualifiers are still to be determined and organizers "are looking for chapters in 4-5 more cities to volunteer for hosting the qualifiers," reports AGA President Mike Lash. "This is a great way to start drawing in youth from all over your city and region to join a permanent national program to follow for many years." USYG Coor dinator Nicole Casanta can be reached at

BURRALL & BOLEY STUDYING IN KOREA: Seattle Go Center Program Director Jon Boley 6d and Matthew Burrall 5d are now in Seoul, Korea "studying at Yang's Dojang in the Seollung district of Seoul, on the south side of the Han river," reports Boley. "We are having a blast." Check out Boley's blog - which includes reports, games, problems and photos, at

FREE FOOD, MASSAGES & MORE AT COTSEN: The Cotsen Tournament - which features a strong field, free registration and a free buffet - is set for October 28-29 in Los Angeles, CA. One of the more unique events on the annual go calendar, the Cotsen also features two masseuses who "will be making the rounds to ease the tensions that arise in your shoulders when you discover that your big group really doesn't have two eyes." New this year will be live coverage of Board 1 games broadcast simultaneously on both IGS and KGS, provided by the American Go E-Journal. Pre-registration required for the free luxury lunch buffet and registration refund; details at

MORE SHODAN CHALLENGE Q&A: The Shodan Challenge is an AGA-sponsored project to help players improve by next year's US Go Congress. How do I know I've made my goal? Your AGA (or other national) rating will need to change, by playing in tournaments before the next Go Congress. If you have trouble making it to tournaments, you'll want to set a personal goal more easily measured. For example, you may want to reach a particular strength on an online go server. Do I need to sign up? Yes; just email for details. There's a short application, and we also need a digital picture of you playing go (so we know what you look like!) and a recent game (which will be reviewed for you). Does it cost anything? No: all we ask is that you be a member of the AGA or other national go organization. And you may be inspired to spend money on books, commented pro games, go software, or lessons, but th at's all up to you.Why should I sign up? Do you want to get stronger? Wouldn't some extra motivation help keep you focused?
- Lee Huynh and Laura Kolb, Shodan Challenge Coordinators

CHO SEOK BIN TOPS BUCHAREST TOURNEY: Cho Seok Bin 7d of Germany took top honors in the Toyota-IGS-PandaNet Tour tournament in Bucharest, Romania, this past weekend. Cho won five of six games, losing only to Mero Csaba 6d of Hungary in the last round. Cristian Pop 7d of Bucharest was second, losing only to Cho. Three four game winners took the next three places: Pal Balogh 6d of Hungary, Mero, and Dragos Bajenaru 6d of Bucharest. There were 75 players. This year-long tour around Europe features twelve tournaments and involves a total prize fund of 25,000 Euros, including 1500 Euros to the overall winner, based on points won in the individual tournaments. The final event each year is the Paris Open in April.

CHINESE DOMINATE CHUNLAN: The Chinese triumphed in the Chunlun third round on September 28th, and the semifinals will involve four Chinese players -- Peng Quan 7P, Chang Hao 9P, Xie He 6P, and Gu Li 9P - guaranteeing that the Chinese, who have never won this event, will take the top prize. When the 6th international Chunlan Cup started last June, the North American representative, Michael Redmond 9P, and the European representative, Taranu Catalin 5D of Romania, were eliminated in the first round, along with the two Taiwanese reps. This left five Japanese, six Chinese (only one Chinese player won his first round game, but five were seeded into the second round), and three Koreans for the second round. The Japanese all washed out in the second round, leaving just six Chinese and two Koreans. The Koreans had hopes because the two were Lee Sedol 9P and Lee Changho 9P, both of whom have formidable records in international c ompetition, but those hopes were dashed when the Chinese swept the the third round on September 28th. The Koreans have won the Chunlan four times, and the Japanese once.

ZHOU RUIYANG CHALLENGES IN CHINESE MINGREN: Zhou Ruiyang 4P defeated Niu Yutian 6P 2-0 in the finals to win the challenger's spot in the 19th Chinese Mingren (Meijin) tournament. The current titleholder is Gu Li 9P, number one player in China and holder of four Chinese titles. Zhou, born in 1991, is yet another of the teenage superstars emerging in the pro world. Though Zhou has yet to win a title, and Gu Li leads Zhou 4-1 in their previous five meetings. On his way to the challenger's role, Zhou defeated another of the rising teenage stars, Chen Yaoye 5P, who was born in 1989 and is currently in the third round of the international LG Cup.

GO PIC FLOPS: Tian Zhuangzhuang's turgid Go Seigen biopic - screened last weekend at the New York Film Festival -- doesn't make the grade; look for our review in Friday's E-Journal.

       There's a little something for everyone in the two attached game commentaries, which we're pleased to include as a special bonus in today's E-Journal. AGA members receive commentaries and go reviews every week in the Friday Member's Edition: join the AGA now and start getting your copy! Details at Our first game features Guo Juan 5P of Europe playing Peng Quan 6P of China in the August 26 first round of the 3rd Toyota-Denso Cup, with comments by Alexander Dinerchtein 1P. In the second game, two mid-kyu players face off at the 2006 US Open at the Go Congress in North Carolina; Yilun Yang 7P comments the action.


GO PLAYERS WANTED: Monument, CO: Looking for go players in the Monument, CO area. I know of no one that plays around here. Please contact me at Any strength whatsoever. (10/2)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: SW Portland/Beaverton: Ages 10-18 who would be interested in starting a youth go club. Contact Andrew Peterson at (10/2)

BOOK VETTER WANTED: If you could help many frustrated players stick with go, would you jump at the opportunity? Here's your chance! One vetter 5d & stronger is sought for my new book "Improve Fast In Go", designed to help players in the 5-15k range improve more quickly. Vetter receives acknowledgment in the book, an autographed copy on publication and the priceless appreciation of the many players who might otherwise give up the game. Contact Milt Bradley at with a brief description of qualifications. (9/25)
PLAYERS WANTED: Southfield, MI. I have been fascinated by go for years, am anxious to learn more. Looking for players in my area. Am probably a high kyu player, with no rating. Please respond to David at (10/2)

WANTED TO BUY: "Breakthrough to Shodan" and/or "Strategic Concepts of Go" (Ishi Press, any edition) in decent condition, can pay up to $50 for the former and $35 for the latter. Help me make Shodan by January 1! (10/2)

WANTED TO SELL OR TRADE: "Go Proverbs Illustrated" 1st. edition, 1960. Volume 1 of Go Library in English. Good condition, but lacking dust jacket. $50 or trade for certain Ishi Press titles.

GO PLAYERS WANTED: Syracuse, NY; If you attend Bishop Grimes JR./SR. High School, I might start go club at school if any people at the school play the game. Matt Jones, (9/25)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: Columbus, Indiana; We have moved here for half year. Looks like no one here plays the game. Please contact me with (9/25)

PLAYERS WANTED: Philadelphia, PA; Anyone interested in playing a quick game over lunch hour in Center City? Email Mark at (9/25)

WANTED TO BUY: Looking for English version of "All About Life and Death" by Cho Chikun. Contact (9/11)

PLAYERS WANTED (Auburn, NY): Looking for players in and around Auburn, NY who would like to start a Go club. Syracuse is too far away to drive to play go, and my high school club is greatly limited in what we can do due to time and public school regulations. We'd prefer a city club so we have more freedom. Contact Valerie Smith at (9/11)

PLAYERS WANTED (Bayside, NY): Looking for go players in Flushing, Queens or Long Island NY. It's too lonely by myself and my 2 other go players. Please reveal yourselves. (9/4)

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Complete events listings online at

October 6-8, 2006: Round Top, NY
Guo Juan woodlands workshop
Jean-Claude Chetrit 718.638.2266

October 8, 2006: Somerville, MA
MGA Fall Handicap Tournament
Zack Grossbart 617.497.1232

October 8, 2006: Princeton, NJ
Princeton Fall Self-Paired
(come anytime 9AM-6PM, full handicap)
Rick Mott 609.466.1602

October 21-22, 2006: Portland, OR
Portland Go Tournament
Peter Drake 503.245.1239
Glenn Peters

October 28, 2006: Arlington, VA
Pumpkin Classic
Allan Abramson 703.684.7676

October 28-29, 2006: Los Angeles, CA
Cotsen Go Tournament
Casie Rizer 310.473.5873
Lauren Madison 310.473.2243

October 29, 2006: Sunnyvale, CA
Mingjiu Jiang 650.969.2857

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