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November 13, 2006
Volume 7, #97

THE PLAYING LIFE: Studying - Quickly -- in Korea

YUN, JIANG & LI LEAD IN NAMT: Feng Yun 9P, Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Jie Li 9d lead in the North American Master's Tournament A League playoffs. In the most recent round of games, Feng Yun scored three wins, defeating Jie Li on November 6 and ZhaoNian Chen on November 7 (both by resignation) and Yilun Yang on November 9 (winning on time). In other recent games, Mingjiu Jiang beat Huiren Yang on 10/28 by resignation, but lost by 13 points to ZhaoNian Chen, who played white. The October 29 game between Feng Yun and Huiren Yang was adjourned. The current NAMT standings: Feng Yun 9P 5-1; Li, Jie 9d 5-2; Jiang, Ming Jiu 7P 5-2; ZhaoNian (Michael) Chen 8d 4-3; Yang, Yilun 7P 4-3; Thomas Hsiang 7d 2-5; Lin, Xuefen 1P 2-5; Yang, Huiren 1P 0-6.

MICSA & CIUICA TOP SARASOTA TOURNEY: Dan Micsa 4d and Gelu Ciuica 3d topped the Sarasota self paired tournament on November 5, the first Florida tourney in three years. "A record number of 27 go players showed up," reports organizer Dan Moise, adding that "the majority of participants are new AGA members." 62 games were played in eight hours; Larry Rabinowicz and Karsten Henckell co-directed and Shanon Moore assisted TD Dan Moise.
    Winner's Report: Dan Micsa 4d and Gelu Ciuica 3d (both with perfect 3-0 records) both formerly of Romania, "now members of the new family of go players in Florida." Other best results: Wong Chi 5k, 5-0 (Miami Go Club), Barton Lipofski 11k, 4-0 (Space Coast Area Go Association), Ted Bussman 17k, 5-1 (Sarasota Go Club), Joshua Lee 5k, 5-1 (Orlando) and Fu Ming Gong 2d, 3-1 (Sarasota Go Club). Coral Moore 11k, 13 years old, from Sarasota received the "youngest go player of the tournament"
prize. AGA Volunteer Coordinator Kevin Purvis 1k won a special prize for "Go endurance" for driving 250 miles from Miami to get to the tournament.

DC WALLOPS ROCKVILLE 10-2: In the latest monthly club match in the metro Washington (DC) area, the Greater Washington Go Club walloped the long-suffering Rockville Go Club, racking up a lopsided victory of 10 wins to 2 losses. "Thanks to all for making the monthly GWGC-RGCG go matches such a success and so much fun," said GWGC organizer Hal Small. An anonymous but well-placed EJ source claims that the source of Rockville's woes is related to the number of handicap stones their players give to the DC players.
    Winner's Report: Trevor Morris 7d (GWGC) defeated Juan Pablo Quizon 5d; Francis Meng 4d (RGCG) d. Hal Small 3d; Alfred Song 3d (GWGC) d. Kaname Yunokawa 3d; Ken Koester 2d (GWGC) d. Neil Bernardo, 1d; Jeffrey Chou 4k (RGCG) d. Gene Fellner 5k; Sam Lee 10k (GWGC) d. Todd Heidenreich 6k; Horatio Blumenfeld, 13k (GWGC) d. Mike Pak 6k; Ben Ontiveros 13k (GWGC) d. Ken Zeng 8k; Mike Brabowski 14k (GWGC) d. Ben Wang 15k; Marion Edey 10k (GWGC) d. Craig Anderson 10k; Marion Edey 10k (GWGC) d. Jeffrey Chou 4k; Gene Fellner 5k (GWGC) d. Juan Pablo Quizon 5d. The next match will be held at the GWGC on Cedar Lane in Bethesda on December 8 at 8P.

EAST COAST GO CAMP SETS 2007 DATE, LOCATION: The 2007 East Coast Go Camp for young go players will run July 1-7 at Camp Tamarack, MI, reports organizer Bill Phillips. "Beginners and experienced players ages 8 - 18 are welcome!" for the week of go and fun, says Phillips, who adds that parents receive reduced rates. The $700 camp cost includes instruction by high level go players, meals and lodging, camp activities "and lots of go!" Phillips promises. Applications and more information are available at:  For more info contact: Karen Jordan at

GO WORLD ?-PRICE FOR CHAPTERS: Back issues of Go World, the premier English-language go magazine, are now available to registered AGA chapters for a limited time at just $3/issue, less than half the retail price. "Through a generous arrangement with Kiseido, the publisher, the AGA has acquired some copies of issues 74 through 86, and issue 100, and we want to share the wealth with our chapters!" says AGA Board Chair Roy Laird. To make sure everyone gets a chance at this deal, there's a limit of five (5) copies per issue per chapter. Each issue is packed with 64 pages of top level game analysis, instruction, and articles on many facets of the world of go. If you're interested, talk to your chapter organizer and put together and order -- go to to download an order form and take advantage of this of fer, which expires on 12/31/06. "These magazines make great prizes, and they could just the thing for your favorite players this holiday season!" says Laird.

MORE GO NOW: In Japanese go books, what's the literal translation for the kanji usually translated as "Black wins by resignation"? Is it "Black wins by resignation," "White submits," "Black wins by non-counting," or "Black wins by center pushing." Member's Edition readers will find out the answer to this week's Go Quiz in this Friday's edition, along with game commentaries, go reviews and more every week! Don't miss another week, sign up now and get in on the action:

JUJO REACHES MAXIM QUARTERS: Zhujiu "Jujo" Jiang 9P has defeated Paek Sungho 9P to reach the quarterfinals of the Maxim Cup in Korea. Jujo and his wife Rui Naiwei 9P made history by playing each other in the finals of this cup in 2003, with Jujo winning. A husband and wife in the finals of a major tournament was unprecedented, although they had played each other earlier in the North American Masters finals. Naiwei came back to take this title in 2004, becoming the first women to win a professional title not restricted to women. Jujo and Naiwei were major figures in US go for several years, before moving to Korea a few years ago. Jujo's older brother MingJiu Jiang 7P continues to be a major presence on the US go scene, running a large teaching program in California as well as playing in various tournaments. In the current Maxim Cup tournament Naiwei was defeated in the third round by Park Yeonghu n 9P, current holder of the Kisung title. Jujo's opponent in the quarterfinals will be Park Jungsang 9P.

LIU XING WINS CHINESE AGON CUP: Liu Xing 7P has defeated Luo Xihe 9P to win the Chinese Agon Cup. Luo is a current star in the Chinese go firmament, winning the international Samsung Cup earlier this year by defeating Lee Changho 9P. Liu is several years younger, in his early twenties while Luo is almost thirty, and has not been as successful so far, although he did win the Chinese Ahan Tongshan Cup earlier this year. Pictures and career highlights of Lie are at

LEE SEDOL TAKES FIRST GAMES IN TWO TITLE MATCHES: In a battle of Korean champions, Lee Sedol 9P won the first game of his challenge of Choi Cheolhan 9P for the GS Caltex Cup title. He also won the first game against Cho Hanseung 9P in the finals of the Chunwon. Lee is having a very good year, having won the international Toyota Denso World Oza earlier this year and being at the top of the list of Korean pros in terms of the number of games won this year with 68 wins to 22 losses for a remarkable 75% winning percentage. The second place pro on this list, Yun Junsang 4P, has won only 56 games. He also is the current holder of two other Korean titles: the Prices Information Cup and the Maxim Cup. Lee continues to be one of the top players in the world.

KOREANS DOMINATING INTERNATIONAL SAMSUNG CUP: The semifinals of the international Samsung Cup will include three Koreans and one Chinese. The lone Chinese is Chang Hao 9P, who defeated another top Korean to get there, Choi Cheolhan 9P. The three Koreans all defeated Chinese players in the quarter finals: Paek Hongsuk 5P beat Yu Bin 9P, Lee Changho 9P bested Piao Wenyao 5P, and Seo Bongsoo 9P beat Wang Yao 6P. The Samsung is the most open of international tournaments. Any professional can participate in the preliminary rounds and this year they organized the tournament to guarantee two women in the final tournament; these turned out to be Rui Naiwei 9P for Korea and Fan Yijing 1P for China. Both lost in the first round.

TEAM CHONGQING AGAIN TOPPING CHINESE A LEAGUE: The city of Chongqing's team won the first stage of the Chinese A League handily with nine wins, one loss, and one tie. The team consisted of Yu Bin 9P, Gu Li 9P, Wang Xi 5P, and Wang Lei 5P. After five rounds of the second stage, the same team is leading with four wins and one loss. This team event that takes place in various cities around the country is very popular in China. Sometimes foreign players are included, such as Lee Sedol 9P who is playing on Team Kueichou. Its popularity can be compared to that of pro football in the US.

THE PLAYING LIFE: Studying - Quickly -- in Korea
By Jon Boley 6d
    For the last two months I've been in Seoul, Korea studying Baduk at Yang Jae Ho's dojang (dojo, or school), along with Matthew Burall. At the dojang, Matthew and I do life and death problems, play league games, and study new Jung-sok (joseki) and Po-sok (fuseki). The games we play are 30 minutes each with overtime of 3 periods of 30 seconds. Before arriving in Korea, I've been in overtime just a few times, but this has proved impossible here in Seoul. The good news is that my overtime game has improved quite a bit, but I still hate playing with time pressure: you really have to be calm and focus completely. Since we are playing kids that are studying to be professional, we understood that the games would be fast; they are kids after all and play fast, unlike most adults.
    Or so we thought. During our stay in Korea, the Korean Amateur Baduk Association (KABA) had its First World Amateur Prime Ministers Cup (Lui & Kim Make Top 10 In Korean Tourneys 11/6 EJ). They brought players from all over the world to compete in a week of competition consisting of three major tournaments, the Prime Minister's Cup, I Chun Ho Cup, and the KABA Cup. Here are the time limits for these games: Prime Minister's Cup: 1 hour and 3 periods of 30 seconds. Not bad, but nothing like the 1.5 to 2 hours per player in the US Open. I Chun Ho Cup: Day 1 : 20 minutes with 3 periods of 30 seconds; Day 2: 30 Minutes, 3 periods of 30 seconds. KABA Cup: 10 (yes, ten!) minutes, 3 periods of 30 seconds.
    So the games we are playing with the kids at the Dojang are actually long, thoughtful games by standard Korean tournament play. I was shocked.
    In addition to these three tournaments, KABA also hosted a lightning tournament during the week but it was for foreign players only. Eight minutes each and no OT, just sudden death. Everything is so fast here!
    One thing is for sure, Matthew and I hate to lose so we are learning to use every bit of time that we get to read and read some more. Hopefully, when playing the longer games at the US Open we will continue this practice and see some marked improvement in our play.
    Boley manages the Seattle Go Center in Seattle, WA

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CLUB HOME WANTED: Imperial Beach, CA: Looking for a location to start a community club around the South Bay San Diego Area. Looking for people around same area to play. E-mail Josh Moore at (11/6)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: In NC, around the Thomasville area. We currently hold a
small meeting every Tuesday night at the Thomasville Library, 5-8 PM. About
six members so far. Call (336) 474-7633 for more info, or email (11/6)

PLAYERS WANTED: Montgomery,AL looking for players in Montgomery, and Wetumpka, Alabama so I can start a Montgomery/Wetumpka go. e-mail (11/6)

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November 15, 2006: Tempe, AZ
Arizona Rating Tournament
W Gundberg 480.429.0300

November 18-19, 2006: College Park, MD
Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship
Steve Mount 301.405.6934
Ken Koester

November 18, 2006: Tempe, AZ
Arizona Go Rating Tournament
W Gundberg 480.429.0300

November 18, 2006: Syracuse, NY
3rd Annual Fall Ratings Tournament
Richard Moseson 315.682.7720

December 2, 2006: Denver, CO
Te wo Tsunaide '06
Pair Go Tournament
Jasmine Sailing 303.388.4666

December 2, 2006: Hartford, CT
CCC Winter Go Tournament
Bill Fung 860.906.7398

December 2, 2006: Piscataway, NJ
Feng Yun Go School monthly rated games (open to everyone)
Feng Yun 973.992.5675

December 3, 2006: Seattle, WA
Ratings Tournament
Jon Boley 206.545.1424

December 10, 2006: Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Fall Open
Peter Nassar 215.898.6271
Matthew Bengtson 215.704.4600

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