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November 20, 2006
Volume 7, #99

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GAME COMMENTARY: The High Cost of Playing Too Close
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LEAHY WINS DOTE MEMORIAL TOURNEY: Brian Leahy 2d won the top division in the Dote Memorial Tournament, held November 11-12 in San Francisco. Twenty-nine people attended the annual event, held in Japantown, with 13 dan players including a strong 5-dan visitor from Minnesota. William Fraser 5k won the upper kyu division, and Julie Burrall 10k won the lower kyu division. Started in 1999, this tournament is held in memorial of Dote Shinji, who helped many aspiring go players improve their game. Steve Burrall directed.
       WINNER'S REPORT: Dan Division: 1st place: Brian Leahy 2d; 2nd: Zhini Zhang 1d; 3rd: Nick Jhirad 5d, YangYang Shi 4d; Upper Kyu Division: 1st place: William Fraser 5k; 2nd: Ken Knowles 5k; 3rd: Colin Rognlie 6k; Lower Kyu Division: 1st place: Julie Burrall 10k; 2nd: Jacklyn Yen 19k; 3rd: Roger Schrag 10.
- Reported by Lawrence Ku, West Coast E-Journal Reporter

EVERYONE WINS IN SYRACUSE TOURNEY: "Nineteen players came from as far away as Bennington, VT and Schenectady, NY to participate in the Fifth Semi-Annual Syracuse Go Ratings Tournament," on November 18, reports local organizer Richard Moseson. "Peter Wynn arrived straight from his midnight job as a baker at a fine Italian restaurant, bringing with him loaves of specialty breads and gourmet dips -- he played one game and headed for bed. Bagels, cream cheese, cookies, brownies, and drinks were also provided at no cost to all participants. Seven students played in the tournament, five of them coming from Syracuse area schools that have after-school go programs." Although no prizes were awarded for victories, Moseson reports that several players carried home door prizes, including go mugs, a ceramic goban drink coaster, a signed Japanese go fan, and "I Love Go" bumper stickers. Another tournament is planned for th e spring.

ISRAELI GO CONGRESS SET FOR NEXT WEEK: The Israeli Go Congress and Annual Championship will be held next week beginning November 30 and running through December 2 in Matnas Lev Afek, Rosh Ha'Ayin Israel. The third annual event is organized and hosted by the Mind Go Club, a chapter of the AGA. The Annual Championship will select both an adult and youth champions; Leonid Entin currently holds the Adult title and Amir Fragman is the defending Youth Champion. "We have record early registrations and already have international participants," reports organizer Shavit Fragman. The Congress features go teaching workshops, game reviews and more, with special attention given to youth players. The event is under the auspices of the Rosh Ha'Ayin municipality. Details and registration are available at:

NYC TOURNEY RETURNS: After a successful tournament earlier this month, the New York Go Center has decided to hold another event on December 3. "Last time we had 38 players, and we're expecting more than 40 this time, with a strong top section and numerous 20k+ players," reports local organizer Roy Laird. The $10 registration fee includes pizza for lunch. For details go to

NAKAYAMA'S TREASURE CHEST IN HALL OF FAME: The treasure chest presented to Noriyuki Nakyama at this year's US Go Congress - created by Jeff Shaevel -- is now a part of the Nihon Ki-in Go Hall of Fame, according to a recent report published in GoGoD's New in Go -- -- which also refers to "a nice but poignant feature by Nakayama Noriyuki on the end of his 25 years of visiting overseas tournaments". Look for a translation of Nakayama's article in Friday's Member's Games Edition.

E-JOURNAL ADDS YOUTH EDITOR, NORTHWEST PHOTOG: As part of the E-Journal's continuing work to expand go news coverage, we're pleased to welcome two new contributors. AGF Teacher of the Year Paul Barchilon is joining the E-Journal staff as the new Youth Editor, and Brian Allen is our new Northwest photographer. Barchilon plans to feature youth topics including articles with "A kid's-eye view," as well as youth photos, player and club profiles and game commentaries (see GAME COMMENTARY below and attached for this week's Youth Game). Allen, a gifted photographer whose work has previously run in the American Go Yearbook and on the AGA website, will cover events in the Northwest United States.
       Youth report details: A kids' eye view: Articles by kids and teens about their go experiences. Submissions should include name, age, and rank. Youth should write about how they discovered the game, what they like about it, the friends they have made and the lessons they have learned. Photos: send in digital photos of your local go scene. The photo should include a go board/game. Profiles: very brief bios of youth players to watch; they can be as simple as name, age, where they're from, how long they've been playing, who taught them and what their favorite thing about the game is. Club profiles: reports on how kids clubs get started and what they are doing. These can be from adults or from kids who attend. Game commentaries: by kids, and also of kid games by adults. We would like a whole range of these, but especially ones in the 10-30 kyu range. "We would love to have a youth game every week, but need help from our readers to do that," says Barchilon. "We will also feature tournament coverage from the new Youth Go Championships, and daily reports from Youth Room at the Go Congress next year." Look for a feature on an exciting new school Go club in West Virginia next week. E-mail Youth submissions to Barchilon at

HALF PRICE ON GO WORLD: Back issues of Go World, the premier English-language go magazine, are now available to registered AGA chapters for a limited time at just $3/issue, less than half the retail price. Limit five (5) copies per issue per chapter, so act now! Each issue is packed with 64 pages of top level game analysis, instruction, and articles on many facets of the world of go. Download an order form at

KISEIDO OFFERS SALE ON GO EQUIPMENT: Kiseido is having a special Christmas sale of high-quality go equipment. Prices have been drastically reduced for some selected boards, shell and slate stones and bowls by up to 50%. To see what is available and to order, go to

RUI SWEEPS KOREAN WOMEN'S TITLES: Rui Naiwei 9P defeated Kim Sesil 2P by resignation to take the 1st Women's Kisung title. Rui now holds all three Korean women's titles: the Kisung, the Kuksu, and the Myeongin. She will be defending the Myeongin against Lee Dahyeoi 3P and won her first game in the next Kuksu tournament, which is just getting underway. The latter game was also against Lee Dahyeoi, who has yet to defeat Rui in a tournament game.

YAMASHITA TIES UP JAPANESE OZA: Yamashita Keigo 9P, current Kisei, beat Cho U 9P, current Oza, by 1.5 points yesterday to take the second game of the Oza title match and tie up the best-of-five-game match 1-1. Game Three is scheduled for this Thursday. Yamashita was the unsuccessful challenger last year, while Cho is going for a fourth consecutive year holding this title. Cho also holds the Gosei among the top seven Japanese titles, but recently lost the Meijin to Takao Shinji 9P. Yamashita may also meet Cho in the finals to determine the challenger for the Judan title, though Cho must first defeat Yoda Norimoto 9P. Yamashita is currently battling as challenger for the Tengen title against Kono Rin 9P and just won the second game to tie that match up at 1-1, as well. The third game in that match is today.

LEE SEDOL PULLS AHEAD IN GS CALTEX CUP: Lee Sedol 9P made it 2-0 in his challenge of Choi Cheolhan 9P for the GS Caltex Cup title in Korea, wining the second game in their best-of-five-game match by a half point on Tuesday. Choi defeated Lee Changho 9P in the match for this last year.

PAL SANNES TOPS LATEST EVENT IN EURO TOUR: The latest event in the Toyota IGS PandaNet European Tour, in Gothenburg, Sweden, was won by Pal Sannes 4d of Norway, who was 4-1.. Only 27 players participated in an unusually small turn-out. Two players from Gothenburg tied for second: Qi Xiaolou 5d and Ulf Olsson 4d.

CHONGQING SMASHED BY NEW BAEJING IN CHINESE A LEAGUE: The Chongqing Team went down 1-3 against the New Baejing team in the sixth round of the second stage of this year's Chinese A League, with only Gu Li 9P winning his game against Liu Xing 7P, while his teammates, Wang Xi 9P, Yu Bin 9P, and Wang Lei 5P all lost. Chongqing still leads the second stage with 4 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. No other team has four wins. Chongqing won the first stage with a 9-1-1 record.

CORRECTION: While Gelu Ciuica had a perfect 3-0 score in the recent Sarasota Go Tournament (Micsa & Ciuica Top Sarasota Tourney 11/13 EJ), Dan Micsa had a 2-2 score, not 3-0 as we reported. Because Micsa played the strongest players in the tournament with white without komi, he shared top honors with Ciuica. We apologize for the error.

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GAME COMMENTARY: The High Cost of Playing Too Close
       As a special Thanksgiving holiday bonus, we bring you a game commentary today on a youth game played on KGS. Both players are between the ages of 10 and 14 and in the 15-20 kyu range. Although Black builds up a solid moyo and should have a good game, by playing too close to white he loses his advantage and ends up damaging his own position. The comments are by Dave Weiss 3d. Members get game commentaries each and every week in the Friday Member's Games Edition; sign up now at

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December 2, 2006: Denver, CO
Te wo Tsunaide '06
Pair Go Tournament
Jasmine Sailing 303.388.4666

December 2, 2006: Hartford, CT
CCC Winter Go Tournament
Bill Fung 860.906.7398

December 2, 2006: Piscataway, NJ
Feng Yun Go School monthly rated games (open to everyone)
Feng Yun 973.992.5675

December 3, 2006: New York City, NY
Toyota Holiday Cup at Iwamoto Hall
New York Go Center 212.223.0342

December 3, 2006: Seattle, WA
Ratings Tournament
Jon Boley 206.545.1424

December 9, 2006: Sacramento, CA
D/SGC Winter Tournament
Willard Haynes 916.929.6112

December 9, 2006: Chicago , IL
Brer Foxx Memorial
Bob Barber 773.467.0423

December 9, 2006: Middlebury, VT
Suberi in Vermont
Peter Schumer 802.388.3934

December 10, 2006: Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Fall Open
Peter Nassar 215.898.6271
Matthew Bengtson 215.704.4600

December 16, 2006: Arlington, VA
Holiday Helper
Allan Abramson 703.684.7676

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