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November 26, 2007; Volume 8, #76

U.S. NEWS: U.S, Youth Championships Get Set To Roll; U.S. To Send N.A. Student Oza Rep; DC Thumps Rockville 5-2; Jie Li To Lecture In DC; "Coupon Go" Set To Demo In Korea Next Month; Calendar
WORLD GO: Kono Rin Leads In Tengen Defense; Won Sungjin Takes First Game In Chunwon Finals; Rui Naiwei Continues Korean Domination; Suzuki Ayumi Wins Strongest Woman
GO PHOTOS: Groningen & Romania
YOUR MOVE: Going On Facebook; Online Go Tutorials Extended
GO QUIZ: Thanksgiving Wishes
MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: “"When facing the peep, you cannot avoid an ugly move." Find out how Lee Changho 9P handles the proverb in today’s game commentary, a special translation from Qiyi (The Art of Board Games) Go edition #10 by Matt Luce. Lee ChangHo 9P plays Yamashita Keigo 9P in the 2nd round of the 19th Fujitsu Cup, played April 10, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. PLUS: Kaz returns! Picking up on Common Amateur Mistake #167, Kazunari Furuyama delves into #168 with his usual inimitable style and wit, explaining why “in Japan a tragic story like Macbeth happens all the time.” Don’t miss this latest installment of “Important, Fundamental Matters”! Non-members: join the American Go Association during the month of December and get all this great content PLUS your own copy of both the 2006 AND forthcoming 2007 American Go Yearbooks – over 100 pages of the “best of” the weekly E-Journal plus extra content and a CD will every EJ! It’s all just a click away!

US YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS GET SET TO ROLL: Attention kids, parents and chapters: the 2008 US Youth Go Championship season is barely a month away, so check your birthdays, your membership and the nearest qualifier event! The season officially kicks off January 1, 2008 and Nicole Casanta is the National Coordinator. Kids: first place winners are eligible for $400 scholarships to the AGA summer camps, courtesy of the American Go Foundation. “This year, scholarship funds not used by first-place winners may be awarded to other players who participated in the USYCG qualifiers,” reports AGA President Mike Lash, “regardless of where they finished or their ratings, so stay tuned for more details.” Chapters: if you are interested in hosting one of these exciting qualifier events, or the finals, make sure you register your interest with Nicole now. For more info email Nicole Casanta at photo: Hugh Zhang plays Sudhir Vel in a 2007 USYGC Qualifier; photo by Mike Malveaux

U.S. TO SEND N.A. STUDENT OZA REP: U.S. college students interested in representing North America at the 6th World Student Go Oza Championship next year should contact American Go Association President Mike Lash at The Student Oza is set for February 29 through March 4 in Tokyo, Japan, and is sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., organized by the All Japan Students Go Association and supported by the Nihon Ki-in. The tournament features college or university students under 30 from China, Europe, Chinese Taipei, North America, Japan, Central & South America, Korea and Thailand.

DC THUMPS ROCKVILLE 5-2: The Greater Washington Go Club soundly defeated the Rockville Go Club with a 5-2 score in their friendly monthly club match in November. Results: Trevor Morris 6d (GWGC) d. Juan Pablo Quizon 5d; Hal Small 3d (GWGC) d. Wesley Mao 3d; Max Peterson 2k (GWGC) d. Kaname Yunokawa 3d; Gene Fellner 5k (GWGC) d. Craig 11k; James Spriggs 18k (RGCG) d. Betsy Small 14k; Betsy Small 14k (GWGC) d. James Spriggs 18k; Karl Yee 4k (RGCG) d. Peter Sun 1d.

JIE LI TO LECTURE IN DC: “Our club sensei, Yuan Zhou, is unable to make our usual first Friday teaching date at the Greater Washington Go Club,” reports Haskell Small, “but has graciously endorsed a suitable substitute for December. Jie Li, arguably the strongest amateur player in America, has agreed to take time out of his studies and teach us on Dec. 7th, usual time- from 8:30-10P.” Other details the same- to have a game reviewed, the charge is $12 per game ($6 per player), donations of course accepted, at GWGC, in the basement (room 15) of the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda. “In January, Yuan Zhou will return and continue as our regular club sensei, although we hope to also have an occasional special event with Jie Li.” The GWGC’s ongoing team match with Rockville will continue on Dec. 14th; location TBD. photo: Chris Garlock
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"COUPON GO" SET TO DEMO IN KOREA NEXT MONTH: No, it's not a discount on equipment, nor is it a "Get Out Of Atari" free card. "Coupon Go" is the brainchild of Dr. Elwyn Berlekamp (l), a founder of the field of so-called "combinatorial game theory," the study of games of no chance. Next month, Berlekamp and Bill Spight will travel to Korea for a "Coupon Go" tournament featuring Zhu-jiu Jiang, Nai-wei Rui and four other professionals, hosted by the Department of Baduk Studies at Myung-ji University. As a mathematician, Dr. Berlekamp thinks differently about the game than most players. To him, a "correct" move doesn't just win a game against your normal opponent, it is a "statement that is provably true. “I'm seeking perfection at a level that may not be humanly attainable," he said in a lecture presented to the UCB faculty last year. Click here to view that lecture. Click here for an extended version of this report.
- reported by Dr. Roy Laird

CALENDAR: L.A., Denver & Ann Arbor
December 1-2: Los Angeles, CA: Japan Expo
Go table at Japan-themed show. LA Convention Center. Contact Andy to man booth or just come to play and wander. SPECIAL OFFER: anyone who visits our booth at the Japan Expo gets their choise of 3 free copies of old American Go Journals!
Andrew Okun 424.216.1111
December 1: Denver, CO: Te wo Tsunaide '07 Pair Go Tournament
Jasmine Sailing 303.388.4666 2006 Pair Go photo: Paul Barchilon
December 1: Ann Arbor, MI: Winter Go Tournament
Eric Jankowski 734.417.5547

KONO RIN LEADS IN TENGEN DEFENSE: Kono Rin 9P (r) has taken a 2-1 lead over challenger Yamashita Keigo 9P in the Japanese Tengen title match. This is a best-of-five-game match; the next game is scheduled for December 6th. This is the only title Kono, who is in his twenties, has ever won, and he is trying for a threepeat. This is Kono’s third consecutive appearance in the Tengen title match and he has never played anyone but Yamashita in this match. Kono took the title from Yamashita in 2004 and Yamashita is now challenging for the second time. Yamashita's career has been somewhat more successful than Kono's: he has held the Kisei , Japan's most prestigious title, three times now, first in 2003 and then for the last two terms, but the only other top seven event he has won is the Tengen that he took in 2004. Yamashita has also won the New Pro tournament five times and the New Star title once.

WON SUNGJIN TAKES FIRST GAME IN CHUNWON FINALS: Won Sungjin 8P (l) defeated Kang Dongyun 7P in the first game of their best-of-five-games finals in the Korean Chunwon on November 21st. Won got into the finals by defeating Lee Sedol 9P by 5.5 points. He also won the BC Card Cup earlier this month, defeating Paek Hongsuk 5P 2-1. Kang's primary claim to fame is defeating Lee Changho 9P 2-1 to take the Electron-Land Cup (King of Kings) earlier this year. Kang also won the Osram Cup in September.

RUI NAIWEI CONTINUES KOREAN DOMINATION: Rui Naiwei 9P (r) defeated Park Jieun 8P on November 21st and 22nd 2-0 to capture the Korean Women's Kisung. Her opponent was Kim Hyeoimin 5P who defeated Cho Hyeyeon 7P to reach the finals and lost the second game against Rui by only a half point. Rui has been dominating the Korean women's titles in recent years. She won the first edition of this one last year, and has won the Women's Kuksu five of the last seven years. She also has held the Women's Myeongin six of the last seven years. Park Jieun and Cho Hyeyeon are two of the strongest Korean women pros. These three are the only players to have held any of these titles. Kim has yet to win a title.

SUZUKI AYUMI WINS STRONGEST WOMAN: Suzuki Ayumi 4P (l) defeated Aoki Kikuyo 8P by 1.5 points on November 26th to win the 9th annual Strongest Woman title in Japan. Suzuki also won this title in 2003. Suzuki is known to US players because she was defeated by US amateur Jie Li 9d in the Tokyo Seimitsu Cup in 2004. Suzuki, who is in her twenties, has not won any other titles. Aoki, who won this title in 2001 and is in her late thirties, has been more successful, winning the Women's Meijin last year for the fourth time. She also won the Women's Kadusei title four times before it was discontinued in 2002.

GO PHOTOS: Groningen & Romania

RIGHT: At the Groningen (NL) final in the Martini-Cup knock-out. Photo courtesy E-Journal European Special Correspondent Peter Dijkema.

LEFT: At the recent Romanian Championships (BAJENARU NEW ROMANIAN CHAMP 11/19 EJ), in the Poiana Brasov ski resort. Photo courtesy E-Journal European Special Correspondent Marilena Bara.

YOUR MOVE: Readers Write

GOING ON FACEBOOK: “I wonder how many go players realise the huge potential Facebook has for raising awareness of the game?” writes Peter Wendes from the UK. “I now have ten of my local friends who play me on Facebook who would never have considered picking up a real go stone! The earlier go application on TurnPlay was good to see, but not as slick as the new one, which is simply called 'Go' and is easy to find. I've set up the Zen Machine Go Community as a Facebook group, intended mainly for newcomers to the game, but open to experienced players too. If you and your friends are on Facebook already, the go application provides an effortless way to play and spread the word!”

ONLINE GO TUTORIALS EXTENDED: Bob Stewart has extended his online Go Video Tutorials. “Part 3 takes someone from where Part 2 leaves off -- just being ready to play a game -- and adds the terminology and concepts they'll need to become students of go,” reports Stewart. Part 3 is in two parts: Part 3A and Part 3B

GO QUIZ: Thanksgiving Wishes
Your Quizmaster is thankful that he will be taking a break for the holidays. Look for the quiz to return after I recover from running the East Coast OZA in January (make your
hotel reservations soon - our special rate expires in mid-December). Kim Salamony was thankful "for the return of a comments box " and an easier, multiple choice question. She, along with 8 of 10 of you correctly answered that former AGA President Robert Ryder (r) was the first Westerner to get a 5 dan diploma from the Nihon Kiin. This was no honorary diploma, it was deserved - at one time there was not another Caucasian player in the U.S. that Mr. Ryder could give two stones to. He was certainly the strongest amongst the choices - long time European organizer Felix Dueball may have reached 2 dan, according to Terry Benson. Chessmaster Edward Lasker was probably generously a 1dan at best, though Young Kwon remembers him receiving an honorary 3 dan diploma from the Nihon Kiin. It is hard to fix a rank on Oskar Korscheldt, but both Phil Waldron and Grant Kerr noted that he took 6 stones from Honinbo Shuho in teaching games, so he might have been dan level. Congrats to this week's winner, Terry Benson (himself a former AGA President), chosen at random from those responding correctly. THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: LAST IS FIRST: For our last quiz of the year we go back to our current editor Chris Garlock's first issue of the American Go Journal, the first of the large-format issues back in 1998. Who graced the cover - was it Jujo Jiang, Michael Redmond, Eric Lui or Janice Kim? Bonus points if you can name the photographer; click here to vote. See you in 2008!
- AGA Quizmaster Keith Arnold HKA

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NEW! GO PLAYERS WANTED: Mooresville, NC area. New club trying to start up. Playing on Sundays at Gamers University in Mooresville. Email Angela: (11/26)

NEW! GO PROFESSOR WANTED: The Department of Baduk Studies at the Myongji University of Korea is looking for a Contract Professor. Must be a M.D. holder in the fields related to Baduk; responsibilities include lectures in English and lectures related to Baduk. For more info email Kim Se Young at (11/26)

JAPAN EXPO GO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Southern California go players are needed to help staff a go booth at the Japan Expo at the LA Convention Center Dec. 1 and 2. Help introduce hundreds of people to the game, while enjoying a few games or a lesson from stronger players and checking out the rest of the Expo. Contact Andy at if you would like to help staff the booth, or see if you just want to come along. (11/19)

RANK CERTIFICATE PROGRAM MANAGER WANTED: The American Go Association is looking for a detail oriented person to manage the new AGA rank
certificate program. This person will work closely with the rating and database coordinators to notify people eligible for rank certificates, answer questions, and send certificates to those who request them. There will probably be a bit of a flood at first, but then it will settle down to a moderate trickle. Anyone interested please respond to (11/19)

ONLINE TDS SOUGHT: The AGA is looking for volunteer online tournament directors and assistants for several upcoming online events, including some of the US qualifiers for the World Mind Sport Games , as well as other annual events such as the North American Fujitsu Qualifier. Prior tournament directing experience, familiarity with pairing methods and programs (PyTD, WinTD, etc.) is preferred but not necessary. Must have great computer and communication skills. More information will be provided to help guide you in becoming a valued resource for the AGA as online tournament directors and assistants. Respond to if you are interested. Include your AGA number, current rating, and prior experience (if any). (11/19)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: in Northern Virginia. All skill levels and ages welcome. The Tysons Corner Go Club meets every Saturday 9:30 – 12:30. Contact Ching-Sung Chin: for more details (11/5)

GO Players Wanted: North Wales (central Montgomery County) PA. This informal group meets every Sunday afternoon. We are in the Borders store in Airport Square, Rts 309 and 202. Please contact

GO TEACHER WANTED: Canton, MA: Sharon Chinese School ( needs a go teacher. Time: 3:30-5P every Saturday except holidays. Location: 900 Washington St., Canton, MA 02021 Contact: (781) 690-2066 (11/12)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: Baltimore, MD: Go players wanted in northern Baltimore, MD. The Lake Walker Go Club (an official AGA chapter) meets every Monday night at 8. Contact Jim Pickett: (11/5)

GO PLAYERS WANTED: Go club starting in Orlando, looking for more members. All skill levels and ages welcome. Please contact for more details. (10/29)

YOUTH PLAYERS WANTED: N. Portland: 7th grade student at N. Portland school looking for 3rd- to 12th-grade students for a Go Club or just to meet and play in the North Portland, OR area. "Newbies" thru intermediate levels especially encouraged. Please email Kyle at if interested or have questions. (10/29)

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